About Arena

Who We Are
Launched in response to the 2016 elections, Arena has since become the progressive movement’s flagship organization for convening, training, and supporting the next generation of candidates and campaign staff. Through this work, we have built an inclusive community that makes politics more accessible to more people. This includes the 5,000+ campaign staff and volunteers we have trained, and the 58 candidates we have supported to victory. At the core of our work is expanding the pipeline of people who can enter politics. We do this through four key initiatives:

  • Arena Academy, a best-in-class training program for aspiring campaign staff, focused on bringing women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ+ community into the political process;
  • Arena Careers, an initiative to connect Academy graduates with career opportunities on campaigns and in progressive organizations through 1:1 coaching, direct referrals, and our bespoke Arena Careers platform, the LinkedIn for politics;
  • Arena Toolbox, a collection of free toolkits, tutorials, and templates for building winning campaigns; and
  • Arena Candidates, an effort to identify and support diverse candidates in critical races around the country.

The Arena team is a passionate and diverse group of nine political professionals working together to change the face of politics. We are motivated in our day-to-day work by the impact that we can have on the people we train, the candidates we support, and the direction of our country.

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    • November 6, 2021
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