About Communities United for Police Reform Action (CPR Action)

Founded in 2015, Communities United for Police Reform Action (CPR Action) works to strengthen public policy to end police violence and advance community safety solutions that decrease reliance on policing. Through public education, voter engagement and public policy advocacy, CPR Action builds power among communities most directly impacted by discriminatory and abusive policing and seeks lasting systemic change. CPR Action’s sibling 501(c)3 organization is Communities United for Police Reform (CPR).

CPR Action and CPR are considered to be the central lead organizations on police accountability and safety issues in New York. In the 2021 NYC primary cycle for the mayoral race, CPR Action organized the only non-partisan citywide forum of mayoral candidates on the subject of safety and police accountability. CPR Action has advanced policy and organizing victories, including the addition of police accountability on the 2019 NYC general election ballot, launching #CopWatchThePolls during the 2020 elections to document police misconduct at or near NYC polling sites, and shaping and introducing the state legislative agenda in 2015 that resulted in the repeal of New York state’s notorious police secrecy law and passage of other bills to expose and reduce police violence in 2020.

At a time of intense backlash, CPR Action is poised to make critical interventions in New York’s political landscape, leveraging its leading voice alongside a committed supporter base and network for community safety solutions and reducing police violence.

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    Communities United for Police Reform Action (CPR Action)
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    • February 7, 2023