About Corporate Accountability

Corporate Accountability wages strategic campaigns that compel transnational corporations and the governments that do their bidding to stop destroying our health, human rights, democracy, and planet.

Corporate Accountability activates people power to challenge and change destructive corporations at every level — from communities to international democratic institutions.

The success of our campaigns is rooted in strategies that produce lasting change. And we don’t stop until we achieve that change. While responding quickly to unexpected opportunities and obstacles, we stay focused on the big picture to achieve our most ambitious goals.

There’s a fundamental imbalance of power in our world today. Transnational corporations and the wealthy few who own and control them have too much power. These corporations feed and exacerbate some of the deepest injustices in our society — from economic inequality to systemic racism.

With every action Corporate Accountability and our partners take, we are actively transforming this unjust system and correcting that fundamental power imbalance.

We employ a range of tactics that shift the cost-benefit ratio for transnational corporations — compelling major changes to industry leaders and across whole industries. And our long-term strategies shift the balance of power away from transnational corporations and back to people.

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    • June 14, 2022
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