About Drug Policy Alliance

The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) is the leading organization in the U.S. working to end the war on drugs, repair its harms, and build a non-punitive and equitable regulated drug market. We envision a world that embraces the full humanity of people who use drugs, and where the regulation of drugs is grounded in science, compassion, health, equity, and human rights. We fight every day, in collaboration with other movements, and at every policy level – local, state, federal, and international – to change laws, advance justice, and save lives.

We currently prioritize the following issue areas:

  • Decriminalizing drugs and building health-based alternatives
  • Ensuring our systems help people, not hurt them, by uprooting the drug war from our daily lives
  • Reinvesting resources into communities and divesting from punitive policing and law enforcement
  • Rethinking and reducing punishment of people in the drug trade
  • Legalizing and regulating drugs the right way

DPA has grown to more than 35 staff across the U.S. with an annual operating budget of approximately $15 million; and 200,000 members, activists, and supporters.

  • Managing Director of Development & Strategic Partnerships

    Drug Policy Alliance
    • Full Time
    • December 16, 2022