About Illinois People's Action (IPA)

Illinois People’s Action (IPA) is a progressive grassroots, faith and community organization located in downstate (outside of Chicago) Illinois that organizes to address the systemic causes of injustice and not its symptoms.  Our mission is to empower everyday people, along with faith communities, to become true partners in decisions affecting their lives and communities.

Over the last 26 years we’ve fought and won on a variety of issues.  We helped lead the successful downstate grassroots fight for racial equity in the state’s new climate law, stopped 300% interest predatory lending statewide, kept families together by stopping ICE immigration enforcement, and negotiated millions in new banking reinvestment – to name a few big victories.  We did this through organizing to build power, meeting with decision-makers and, if denied, using direct actions to bring about negotiations.

  • Climate Justice Organizer

    Illinois People's Action (IPA)
    • Full Time
    • April 20, 2022