About Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement

Since 1975, Iowa CCI has organized to build the power of everyday people in Iowa’s rural towns and big cities.

Iowa CCI members create change through grassroots organizing, educating, and mobilizing on issues that impact our communities the most. Together, we work to put people and planet first by stopping factory farms and impacts of corporate ag, ending racist policing and anti-immigrant legislation, and winning bold action on climate change, healthcare, and clean water for everyone.

No matter where we come from, where we live, or what we look like, we need policies and an economy that serve the public good. We believe people power is critical to counter the immense power of corporations and the wealthy few who rig the rules in their favor.

For over 45 years, our mission has been simple: help everyday people be a powerful force for justice.

Iowa CCI Action Fund is our 501(c)4 sister organization that gives us a platform to organize and advocate for our issues in Iowa’s election and political processes.

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