About Made to Save, an initiative of Civic Nation

Extensive research shows that half of Americans say they either will not or are unsure if they will get a COVID-19 vaccine, with particularly high rates of uncertainty among the very communities hardest hit by the pandemic. Experts across the public health sector are calling for an unprecedented public outreach campaign to overcome this hesitancy.

Recognizing this urgent need, we launched the Made to Save campaign, a communications, outreach, and grassroots mobilization effort to build public trust in the COVID-19 vaccines through trusted messengers who can engage in dialogue and share clear, consistent information with the target audience.

The program will serve as a centralized hub to coordinate and disseminate messages and effective strategies through a broad coalition of trusted partners. We’ll work with partner organizations to reach local leaders who will serve as medical experts, and work to expand our network of validators through grassroots programs that encourage community-based institutions to share information with their communities.

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    Made to Save, an initiative of Civic Nation
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    • October 27, 2021
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