About Maine Votes and Maine Voices Network

Maine Votes is a state-based, 501(c)(4) convening “table” formed to build permanent advocacy and campaign infrastructure, advance progressive policies, and protect and expand voting rights. Maine Votes is an affiliate of America Votes.

Maine Voices Network is a state-based, 501(c)3 civic engagement “table” whose work is, by law, not partisan or electoral in nature. Maine Voices Network is part of the national State Voices Network.

Maine Votes and Maine Voices Network (collectively “MV/N”) serve as hubs where partners work together, particularly to leverage research, policy, organizing, civic engagement, and elections to achieve larger gains than any one group could on its own. The two tables coordinate to the extent permissible by law, including sharing staff, who serve to drive coordination among partners, increase state capacity, coordinate national and state strategies, make cutting edge data and technology accessible, mobilize funding, and create a community of innovation.

MV/N partners and staff share a vision a just, equitable and prosperous society that treats every single one of us with dignity and fairness; in which government reflects the race, class and gender diversity of our communities and is a vehicle for addressing those challenges that need to be resolved collectively, and; in which vulnerable communities are able to exercise all of their human rights without fear, discrimination, or retaliation.

  • Data and Technology Manager

    Maine Votes and Maine Voices Network
    • Full Time
    • June 23, 2020