About MediaJustice

MediaJustice is building a powerful grassroots movement for a more just and participatory media—fighting for racial, economic, and gender justice in a digital age. Launched in 2009, MediaJustice advances communication rights and fights against the use of technology to surveil and criminalize poor, Black, and brown communities. Home of the MediaJustice Network (MJ Network) of over 60 grassroots organizations across the country, we work alongside those most impacted by inequities in the media and technology space to achieve lasting change.

“Media justice” exists when we are all connected, represented, and free; when fundamental communication rights are widely experienced by everyone, regardless of social power and position. For communities of color, lower-income families, and heavily policed populations, achieving this vision requires eliminating systemic barriers, creating a fair economy, connecting communities, and fostering a political landscape of visibility, voice, and power.

  • MediaJustice – Director of Development

    • Full Time
    • March 1, 2022