About New Hampshire Progress Alliance

About the New Hampshire Progress Alliance: Building Year-Round Capacity To Win


To build a permanent and powerful progressive movement in New Hampshire supported by a network of committed member investors.


A New Hampshire that is a healthy, just place to live, with shared economic success and a democracy that works for all.

Our theory of change is that consistent electoral victories and policy advances require sustained, strategic investment in four areas:

  • Defending voting rights,
  • Engaging and expanding the electorate,
  • Creating a strong bench of community activists and leaders, and
  • Driving effective communications.

We invest in these four priorities through multi-year grants and rapid response funding. Our staff is an active partner with all grantees, participates in coalitions across the state, and constantly evaluates opportunities for new and expanded programs.

  • Executive Director – New Hampshire Progress Alliance

    New Hampshire Progress Alliance
    • Full Time
    • July 22, 2022