About OneAmerica

OneAmerica is a Seattle-based nonprofit whose mission is to advance the fundamental principles of democracy
and justice by building power in immigrant communities.

OneAmerica was established in 2001 by U.S. Representative Pramila Jayapal and has since grown to become a
locally and nationally recognized leader in advancing immigrant, civil, and human rights. Our strategies include
grassroots organizing, policy advocacy, immigrant integration programs and civic/electoral engagement. Our
family of organizations consists of OneAmerica (501(c)3), OneAmerica Votes ((501(c)4), ) and OneAmerica Votes
Justice Fund (PAC).

Our work today is more important than ever, and OneAmerica is growing and becoming
stronger to meet our current political challenges. In the past three years, as a result of our efforts we have:
• established a democratic trifecta by electing the most diverse state legislature in Washington’s history
with women of color in the forefront,
• passed the strongest sanctuary city bill in the country protecting immigrants from deportation,
• enacted the Washington Voting Rights Act to eliminate racially polarized voting and elect more people
like us into local office,
• filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration for the unlawful ruling on the Muslim ban, and
• flipped a congressional house seat laying the groundwork for the recent passage of the Dream &
Promise Act in the house.

During this time of growth and opportunity OneAmerica is working to strengthen our response to the
emboldened racism and xenophobia facing our communities by building the social and political power of
immigrants and refugees in Washington State. Given the current political environment in our state and
OneAmerica’s strong reputation, we are poised to govern with new bold ideas for immigrant power and
protection. A significant challenge in this moment is remaining bold in our response to the national backlash
facing immigrants and refugees while also staying focused on our core goals of building power and a long-term
agenda for our state.

OneAmerica is seeking a Senior Political Manager that can lead the political strategy within OneAmerica with
passion and motivation toward structural change centered on power, relationships, movement-building, and
racial equity.

  • Senior Political Manager

    OneAmerica Building power in immigrant communities!
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    • Posted 1 month ago
  • Senior Political Manager

    OneAmerica Building power in immigrant communities!
    • Full Time
    • Posted 2 months ago