About OneAmerica

OneAmerica is a Seattle-based nonprofit whose mission is to advance the fundamental principles of democracy and justice by building power in immigrant communities.


OneAmerica is seeking a passionate and dedicated Organizing Fellowship Manager that can help lead OneAmerica’s growing early childhood organizing work, spearheading the David Ayala Organizing Fellowship. This Organizing Fellowship Manager will have the unique opportunity to strengthen a community of grassroots leaders in building a robust, equitable, and representative early learning system in Washington state.

OneAmerica was established in 2001 by U.S. Representative Pramila Jayapal and has since grown to become a locally and nationally recognized leader in advancing immigrant, civil, and human rights. We utilize grassroots organizing, policy advocacy, and civic/electoral engagement to promote justice in three areas: immigration, education and early learning, and democracy. Our family of organizations consists of OneAmerica (501(c)3), OneAmerica Votes (501(c)4), and OneAmerica Votes Justice Fund (PAC). Please see additional background on the Organizing Fellowship Manager role and instructions for applying below.


OneAmerica is a vibrant and growing power-building organization that is committed to driving progressive social and political change for immigrants and refugees in Washington state.

Following four years of attacks under the Trump Administration, OneAmerica has worked to combat the emboldened racism and xenophobia facing our communities, while also building the social and political power of immigrant and refugee communities in Washington state. In the past three years, among many wins, we have:

●        Trained a hundred people to run for office, electing the most diverse state legislature in Washington’s history with women of color in the forefront.

●        Enacted the Washington Voting Rights Act to eliminate racially polarized voting and increase the representation of People of Color in local office.

●        Passed the most robust sanctuary city bill in the country, protecting immigrants from deportation, and establishing a state COVID-19 undocumented relief fund.

●        Led campaigns to significantly expand bilingual education and improve the educational experiences of immigrants and students of color.

A crucial part of building immigrant and refugee power is investing in leadership development. In 2020 OneAmerica launched the David Ayala Organizing Fellowship, a year-round fellowship opportunity for community leaders to be trained as powerful organizers. At OneAmerica, we know that community leaders have been organizing throughout their lives.  The David Ayala Organizing Fellowship gives these leaders the possibility to create and execute their organizing vision by accessing the tools and strategies to build their leaders’ base and advance a strategic campaign for the organization. Specifically, the Organizing Fellowship Manager will focus on training a base of parents and workers in the early learning field to be champions for Early Learning Education and Care (ECEC) in Washington state.

Over the next three years OneAmerica has a unique opportunity to influence the early learning system in Washington state. The Organizing Fellowship Manager will lead and oversee the David Ayala Organizing Fellowship while also integrating the work of the Early Learning Organizer and the fellows’ campaign work to drive bolder systemic change in our early childhood systems.

  • Immigrant Integration Director

    OneAmerica Building power in immigrant communities!
    • Full Time
    • August 11, 2021
  • Managing Director

    OneAmerica Building power in immigrant communities!
    • Full Time
    • August 11, 2021