About Plastic Solutions Fund

About Plastic Solutions Fund

The Plastic Solutions Fund is an international funder collaborative dedicated to tackling the crisis of plastic pollution, which impacts the health of people and ecosystems all over the planet.

Established in 2017, PSF’s giving focuses on systems transforming interventions with a prevention is better than cure mindset, making grants across the plastic supply chain from extraction to disposal. Recognizing that the plastics economy is driven by (and benefits) some of the most powerful vested interests around the world, the PSF is dedicated to building grassroots movement power to catalyze change now and in the future.

The PSF believes that greater impact will be achieved if civil society and philanthropy work together in partnership. PSF is proud to have helped establish, and continue to fund the global grassroots movement Break Free From Plastic (BFFP). Over the next five years we seek to work with BFFP to help extend its reach, power and capacity. We also seek to broaden the diversity of civil society organizations and movements that we work with, supporting them to build their power in support of the transformational change we all seek.

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    • December 16, 2022