About Safe Return Project


Safe Return Project is seeking an Organizing and Training Director to manage, lead, and support the growth  and development of Safe Return’s work in Contra Costa County. The ideal candidate will have at least 2 to 5  years of experience in organizing around racial, social, and economic justice. The ideal candidate will have  experience building community leaders and moving issue campaigns, familiarity with Contra Costa Communities,  and a deep desire to work across lines of race, religion, socio-economic class, and culture. The candidate will be a  person who has personal experience with the criminal justice system and a demonstrated awareness of the impact of  systemic racism in the criminal justice system and a desire to change it.



• Lead staff development including training and supervision of organizing staff. • Provide leadership – working with staff, leaders, allies – for the development and  implementation of powerful, strategic campaigns that achieve tangible results for our  communities.

• Provide leadership – working with staff on programs and trainings for leaders. • Work with the executive director plus board members, staff, and other leaders to develop a  strong analysis of our region and ability to act powerfully in the Bay Area and CA.

• Work with the executive director and development director on fundraising, grant  management, and reporting.

• Lead efforts to build organizational capacity for political power building.

• Work with the communications manager and others to powerfully integrate  communications strategies to amplify and grow our power for big wins.

• Assist community leaders in defining vision and goals, and train leaders to act in the public  arena with measurable impact.

• Provide regular organizing training for Safe Return Project leaders, and community members  in the principles and strategies of institution-based community organizing.

• Support volunteer Local Organizing Committees in outreach, research, and strategic  planning leading to large community action meetings at the local and county-wide levels.

• Create and deepen relationships with staff from strategic partners in the criminal justice  system, community organizations, academia, labor, and public policy organizations.

• Provide oversight and project management of on-going Richard Boyd Empowerment  Pathways fellowship and Mass Liberation Collective Impact programs.

• Meet on a regular basis with Executive Director to shadow, plan and evaluate work  progress.

• Attend and represent Safe Return Project on public committees formed to improve  community relations for those returning home from incarceration specifically.

• 7 to 10 one to one conversations a week with staff, community leaders and partners.

• Use PAR (Participatory action research) strategies to launch comprehensive campaigns for  mass liberation.

• Work with coalitions to build powerful County wide campaigns and change systems. • Participate in the SRP’s local, County, statewide, and national policy campaigns. • Facilitate small and large group meetings as well as trainings.

• Develop and execute annual organizing plan.

• Represent the organizing work and campaign with a broad group of stakeholders, including  elected officials and other policymakers, decisionmakers, media, and others.

• Create materials necessary for organizing and campaign, including flyers, postcards,  petitions, and social media.

• Manage administrative systems, databases, and files for campaigns.

• Participate in weekly staff meetings, internal trainings, strategic and annual planning,  implementation, and evaluation.

• Support “all hands-on deck” requests from Safe Return Project’s campaign teams, including  mobilization support, phone banking, civic engagement, and other activities.



• Ability and experience working within a multicultural setting.

• Strong relational skills and ability to connect, engage, and inspire community members  across multiple cultures including religion, race, gender, age, language, and class. • Capacity to think strategically and analytically about social, economic, cultural, and political  issues affecting a community.

• Strong public speaking and writing skills.

• Strong interpersonal and relational skills.

• Passion for learning and taking on challenges.

• Strong and effective communication skills

• Ability to analyze policies and institutions.

• Strong interpersonal, relational, and management skills

• Commitment to disrupting the structural forces causing disparities and organizing for racial  and economic justice.

• Ability to train and develop others.

• Desire to learn and openness to challenge.

• Ability to work as part of a strong staff team as well as independently; thrive in a fast-paced  environment with minimal supervision.

• Ability to identify and partner with local groups such as CBOs, social service providers,  grassroots groups, and city agencies.

• Commitment to bottom-up organizing, grassroots leadership, and collective decision making.

• Must be flexible and willing to work nontraditional hours in a demanding and rapidly  changing work environment.

• 3-5 years’ relevant experience (Community, Labor, Voter) engagement. Personal experience  taken into consideration.

• Must have a driver’s license and reliable transportation.

• Must be able to adjust to evening and occasional weekend work.

• Utilize web 2.0/social media tools to engage individuals, inform the broader community and  amplify our analysis and message.

• Formal education required.

An average of 30-40 hours/week at $20-40/hour commensurate with the candidate’s experience and skills. Benefits  include comprehensive health (medical, dental, and vision), and paid holiday, vacation, sick and family leave.

Safe Return Project/Social Good Fund provides an excellent working environment that encourages teamwork and  recognizes high-quality self-development.

How to Apply: 

Send your cover letter, resume, and writing sample to admin@safereturnprj.org with the subject line “Safe Return  Organizing and Training Director”. In your cover letter, please address the following questions:

1. What is your experience with the criminal justice system?

2. What does social justice mean to you?

3. When was the last time you stud up against injustice in your community?

4. Describe a training you developed for new community organizers.


Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the position is filled. The anticipated start  date for this role is April 1, 2021.

  • Administrative Manager

    Safe Return Project Self-sufficiency and Long-term Liberty
    • Full Time
    • March 4, 2021
  • Director of Development

    Safe Return Project Self-sufficiency and Long-term Liberty
    • Full Time
    • March 4, 2021
  • Communications Manager

    Safe Return Project Self-sufficiency and Long-term Liberty
    • Full Time
    • March 4, 2021