About The Arca Foundation

The Arca Foundation works to further the dignity of all people. The Foundation is dedicated to advancing racial, social and economic justice, an inclusive democracy, a sustainable planet and greater human rights. The Foundation believes that a vibrant democracy requires an informed and engaged citizenry that has access to information and free expression. While the Foundation’s focus areas evolve over time, Arca supports innovative and strategic efforts that work toward these principles. Currently, the Arca Foundation supports organizations working to advance racial and economic justice across the U.S. and has a small portfolio of grants focused on advancing a more just and peaceful U.S. foreign policy.

Based in Washington DC, the Arca Foundation has a full-time staff of two, an active and involved Board of Directors, and a small number of part-time consultants. We are a mission-driven organization working for the public good and are deeply committed to being strong allies to social movements. Our work culture is collegial, supportive and kind. We believe in the importance of hard work, rigor and persistence as we seek to achieve our goals.

More information can be found at the Arca Foundation website: www.arcafoundation.org.