About UltraViolet

In 2012, UltraViolet was launched to harness the collective power of millions of people to advance women's equity through rapid-response digital organizing.

Since then, UltraViolet has been the premier national organization elevating all of the issues advancing gender equity and justice--from intimate partner and state violence to health care to economic policy. Our goal has been to expose sexism and white supremacist patriarchy by using strategic campaigns and digital-first organizing to create public accountability and advocate for solutions.

To do that, over the last eight years, we've built a sustained community of 1.2 million committed and engaged activists in every state and congressional district across the country, and ignited a new wave of feminist activism.

Moving ahead, UltraViolet will focus on building an intersectional feminist community online by creating compelling stories and offering ways to take action that center the voices and perspectives of women of color, Indigenous women, and LGBTQ people.

If fighting for a world beyond patriarchy--where people of all backgrounds and identities thrive with freedom and dignity--is your passion, UltraViolet is the organization for you!

Ultraviolet is an organization of women, Black, Indigenous, and people of color, and LGBTQ+ folks. Sexism and racism disparately impacts us, and we strongly encourage people from these and other impacted communities to apply.

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    • December 21, 2020