About We the People Michigan Action Fund

About Us:
From the Motor City to the shore of Lake Superior, We the People in Michigan value hard work, respect and community. Our hands have built things that changed the world and Michigan built the American middle class where people earned enough to buy what we made.

Today, many working families across our state are struggling. We lack access to jobs with decent wages and benefits. We worry about having an adequate education and healthcare system for our families. And some of us can’t even get safe, clean, affordable drinking water.

We all deserve a decent life, and that means that We the People must come together so our families and communities can thrive. We the People embrace our shared belonging and demand prosperity for everyone, not just the wealthy few. Together, we stand for a society with equality, justice, and dignity for all.


What we do:
Build long-term deep organizing infrastructure. It’s critical that this is not solely focused on elections. We also focus on local and regional issues that impact our communities, and on accountability for corporate and elite actors that often shape policy landscapes.
Foster stable, long-lasting alliances across urban, suburban, and rural communities that is explicitly multi-racial with a racial justice lens. We facilitate space for relationships, dialogue, and shared strategies across diverse communities
Be an engine for learning. We The People’s lasting impact requires rigorous and disciplined organizing that is intentional around political education, storytelling, power mapping, racial healing, cultural organizing, and strong alliance building.