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Income inequality and the decline of worker power is a threat to our democracy. We believe that our economy thrives when workers thrive, that organizing together is how we build power, and that every worker deserves respect and to know their rights at work and have the ability to exercise those rights. We believe workers are experts in their own lives, and should be leading the work to identify and solve the issues they face. We believe our political and economic systems must be transformed to center the needs of working-class and poor people. And we must fight for racial justice and economic justice. We cannot have one without the other.

We build worker power through education, organizing, advocacy campaigns, and legal services. We work to raise and uphold workplace standards, and fight for economic and racial justice. We are a multiracial community of working people, including immigrants, women, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ workers, united across different industries to improve our working conditions and our lives.

We have a history of making transformative demands for working people and winning big. We led the organizing that sparked the fight that won the first in the nation $15 minimum wage and have gone on to win many fights that make Washington a national leader in worker rights. These include winning, with our allies, a fair scheduling law in Seattle, a groundbreaking Seattle Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, the most expansive overtime protections in the country, and health and safety protections for strippers in Washington State.

We are national leaders in gig worker organizing, changing industry standards around tipping, and winning paid sick and safe time and the first hazard pay law in any industry in the country for app-based delivery drivers in Seattle. We have developed a promotores program for agricultural workers in Yakima, and established an education program for workers at SeaTac Airport. We helped lead the coalition that won the Washington Immigrant Relief Fund and helped administer $60+ million dollars in emergency cash assistance to undocumented workers in Washington. Our legal clinic, which partners with Seattle University and University of Washington law schools, has served thousands of workers and has put more than a $1 million back in the pockets of workers through legal representation.

Organizational details. In 2018 Working Washington and Fair Work Center formally aligned as a 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4), with a combined budget of $3.5 million, a talented senior team, and an excellent and diverse staff of over 20. We have 60,000 supporters and members of our community and a broad local and national community of partners. There are 9 board members, some of whom serve on both the (c)(3) and (c)(4) boards. We have two offices, one in Seattle and one in Yakima. To learn more about us, visit our websites: www.fairworkcenter.org & www.workingwa.org.

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