The Arizona Democratic Party provides the highest level of service to elect our candidates and support our campaigns, constituents, and state.

Position/Role: Communications Director

The Communications Director is responsible for developing the ADP brand.  They develop messaging in careful coordination with party partners and spearhead crisis communications and public relations to manage the party image.  The Communications Director is a key collaborator for the Party Chair, Executive Director, Finance Director, and Political Director as the author and manager for the production of talking points, speeches, literature, and public facing documents and presentations.

In addition to playing a critical role internally, the Communications Director maintains successful consultative relationships with other campaigns, candidates, allied groups. They manage relationships with the press and are the principal staff spokesperson for the party.

The Communications Director reports to the Executive Director and has direct reports onboard to support communications work throughout a campaign cycle.

Essential Job Functions:


  • Develop and implement a robust communications plan that tells ADP’s story through a variety of platforms.
  • Plan content calendars that advance the party brand and message.
  • Ensure there is coherent messaging alignment amongst all party surrogates and execute issue topic research.
  • Coordinate regularly with Communications Teams for Elected Officials, DSCC, DCCC, DNC, ADLCC, and Democratic nominees/candidates, to ensure message cohesion and party platform consistency.
  • Provide messaging training and talking points to ADP principals, candidates, and local affiliate organizations.


  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with national and statewide media members.
  • Approve all external communications as they pertain to party platform, party spokespeople, surrogates, and party leadership.
  • Monitor daily news events, apply sound judgment when speaking on the record, and positively represent the party.
  • Work with the ED and other party staff as applicable to plan media and logistics around large party events such as State Committee Meetings, fundraisers, and party building events.
  • Write speeches, talking points, and handle media preparation for party surrogates and spokespeople.


  • Create a coherent digital strategy that supports ADP’s brand and electoral goals.
  • Create and execute all aspects of social media.
  • Partner with the Finance Director to manage and execute digital advertising across multiple platforms, direct vendors on digital fundraising campaign tactics.
  • Manages ADP’s website maintenance – updates, content, analytics tracking, etc.


  • Routinely assess direct reports’  and interns skill and performance.  Provide feedback to develop their individual skills to benefit the performance of the team through weekly staff meetings and one on one check ins.
  • Routinely assess departmental progress on objectives and targets.
  • Maintain an effective, transparent, relationship with the Chair of Chairs in order to ensure an efficient line of communication to the County Chairs.


  • Brand development/management.
  • Communicate with the press in a professional, politically sensitive manner.
  • Excellent writing ability, specifically press releases, speeches, presentations, talking points, and social media content that are engaging.
  • Intermediate design skills for digital and print.
  • Digital advertising and digital marketing methodologies, programs, platforms, and management.
  • Spanish proficiency is preferred, but not required

Expected Outcomes

  • Strengthen party presentation at events by taking a hands-on approach in coordinating advance teams ahead of press conferences, fundraisers, and other party building events. Generate a comprehensive content calendar that keeps the entire party-aligned on messaging.
  • Increase efficiency for the Comms department and how talking points are generated for key party spokespeople.
  • Manage Communications with our internal and external stakeholders.