Citizen Action of Wisconsin seeks applicants hungry for the opportunity to lead power building campaigns to achieve the sweeping changes Wisconsin needs to become a just, equitable, and sustainable multiracial democracy. This position is best suited for creative and effective out-of-the-box thinkers deeply committed not only to being on the right side, but effectively building the grassroots power to make tangible progress on the big challenges  confronting the multiracial working class.

Description of Work: First and foremost, the Campaigns Director is the point person for our nationally recognized campaign to make healthcare a fundamental human right. Our strategy is a deep investment in robust grassroots organizing that shifts power away from the profit-crazed medical industrial complex and to the public, and unwinds the structural racism at the core of the American health system. We also lean into the electoral power of health care to elect candidates who are progressive on all the major issues.

The Campaigns Director is also a key strategist in our leading-edge climate and economic equity organizing around the state (which advocates for a green economy that also reverses economic inequality and structural racism), and our robust movement politics campaigns to elect progressives to local, state, and national office.

Our member leaders across Wisconsin also generate organic local campaigns on a variety of pressing issues that our senior program staff supports.

As power-building campaigns require resources, the Campaigns Director works effectively on fund development and grant management for the major issue campaigns they oversee.

More on Citizen Action’s cutting edge progressive structural reform agenda, which is the basis for all our candidate endorsements, can be found at Citizenactionwi.org.

Primary Job Responsibilities: 

  • Lead Citizen Action’s national recognized Health Care for All campaign for structural reform of the largest economic sector, the Medical Industrial Complex.
  • Working with our Climate campaign leads, play a key support role in Citizen Action’s Climate and Equity campaigns.
  • Working with our movement politics team, play a leadership role in our electoral programs.
  • Conduct power analysis and work with the Citizen Action team to develop cutting-edge issue campaign strategies.
  • Supervise organizers working on health care and other issue campaigns within the framework of Citizen Action union contract.
  • Work to translate policy into educational and motivating materials for elected officials, our members, and the general public.
  • Support Citizen Action earned media efforts in our major issue and other communication strategies and mass engagement techniques, to augment the power and influence of our grassroots organizing.
  • Play a role in Citizen Action’s leadership development programs to develop the capacity of our organizers, member-leaders, and endorsed candidates for public office.
  • Maintain relationships with large donors to Citizen Action’s issue campaigns, prospect for new funders, develop funding proposals, and grant reporting to existing program funders.

Desired Experience:

  • Experience in labor, community, political or faith-based organizing, experience with or a strong interest in learning relational organizing.
  • Experience leading issue campaigns, corporate accountability campaigns, and election campaigns.
  • Experience working with a broad array of organizations and coalitions.
  • Deep commitment to working on racial justice issues, working with communities of color, and with a multicultural base of individuals.
    Experience managing program staff to achieve goals.
  • Experience with policy creation and grassroots lobbying.
  • Experience with planning earned media events, direct action, marches, rallies, and other social movement tactics.
  • Experience with large and/or small dollar fundraising, grant writing, and grant management.

Required Qualifications:

  • Ability to be a leader in further developing a positive and authentic multiracial staff culture which strives to meet rigorous standards of performance in achieving our campaign goals.
  • Philosophical commitment to progressive values of economic, gender, racial, anti-oppressive, and environmental justice.
    Commitment to unwinding the structural racism and other structural equality built into local, state, and national policies and governance structures.
  • Ability to understand public policy issues and translate them into organizing issues that motivate average people to act
  • Strong creative and strategic thinking skills and willingness to innovate in fast moving issue campaigns and meet deadlines.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills, including ability to produce effective flyers, email alerts, coalition reports, blogs, effective social media posts, and campaign plans.
  • Excellent listening, interpersonal, and problem solving and organization skills, the ability to work under pressure, and the ability to build and maintain effective relationships.
  • Intermediate computer skills including, composing and formatting documents, working with databases, and social networking (Familiarity with VAN/EveryAction, as well as managing Facebook pages and/or Twitter accounts are a plus).
    Public speaking and networking skills
  • Bilingual/multilingual a plus.

To apply for this job email your details to robert.kraig@citizenactionwi.org

About Citizen Action of Wisconsin

Citizen Action of Wisconsin is an issue focused non-profit membership organization committed to achieving racial, gender, economic, and environmental justice. We bring together thousands of activists and allied groups across Wisconsin to deepen democratic participation that advances a strongly progressive public policy agenda. Citizen Action of Wisconsin is an affiliate and a major leader within People’s Action, a network of 38 independent social justice organizations in 26 states which is playing a growing role in national progressive politics.  We are also an affiliate of Power Shift Action, a network of 20 multiracial power building groups focused on economic and racial justice.