The position can be based anywhere in our geographic footprint (eastern PA), and may include on-the-ground support in areas with emerging chapters and no local staff. This position will be directly supervised by PA Stand Up’s Director of Communications and Narrative. Additionally, it will require close collaboration with other members of the communications team (both staff and contractors), as well as staff organizers and volunteers at both the statewide and chapter level. Because this position directly relates to the 24-news cycle and social media environment, it will require some weeknight and weekend hours. It will also require some travel.

About PA Stands Up

PA Stands Up is an independent political organization by and for the many, with 1,300 dues-paying members dedicated to winning a Pennsylvania that works for all of us. We are Black, brown and white working people living across Pennsylvania’s cities, towns and rural areas. Our 9 chapters in Erie, Lehigh, Northampton, Monroe, Chester, Delaware, Lancaster, Cumberland, Dauphin, York, Berks, and Philadelphia counties build grassroots leadership, fight for policies that work for working people, and elect candidates who represent our values. Together, we are building a governing majority capable of enacting bold, redistributive measures for the common good.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Work with the Director of Communications and Narrative to develop organizational narrative, messaging and strategy. The Deputy will play a key role in supporting narrative and message development around priority campaigns and efforts. They will help shape the overarching narrative strategy and create plans to position the organization and advance our objectives with members, stakeholders and the broader public.
  • Advance PASU’s narratives in the media. The Deputy will take a leadership role in media relations with in-state and national media by crafting media outreach materials, pitching reporters, and drafting Op-Eds and LTEs. They will work to develop and prepare staff and members to serve as spokespeople on priority issues and campaigns. Finally, they will create sample media outreach materials for chapters and provide training and support on media outreach as needed.
  • Advance PASU’s organizing and narrative objectives online. The deputy will work closely with the Director of Communications and Narrative and other staff to manage the organization’s narrative, issue and political campaigns via email and social media. The deputy will be responsible for supporting the growth of our organizational reach on these platforms. They will possess basic website management and design skills, and be comfortable creating simple campaign collateral directly or working with designers to manage it’s production. They will closely monitor the overall narrative environment to identify and take advantage of rapid response opportunities. And they will create digital toolkits and other materials to support chapters in their digital organizing efforts.
  • Support organizational advertising and fundraising efforts on social media, email, and with donors and funders. PASU is supported in large part by our members and individual donors and the Deputy Communications Director will play a key role in individual fundraising efforts, through both email and the use of paid advertising on social media platforms. They will also support the creation of print and digital materials for both individual members and institutional funders, including things like organizational newsletters, brochures on our programs, reports on our accomplishments, and so on.
  • Build the capacity of PASU’s staff and volunteers to engage in communications and narrative work. PASU’s Communications and Narrative Department not only performs direct communications tasks, we also build the leadership of our staff and members to advance communications and narrative strategies themselves. The Deputy supports that work by offering training and support to the Narrative SQUAD, which is made up of chapter members. They also provide individual support, coaching, and materials to chapters as needed.
  • Implement best practices and support data-driven and qualitative approaches to program evaluation and improvement. The deputy will implement field-wide best practices for social justice communications and digital organizing. They will integrate issue and state specific messaging research and recommendations from partner organizations. They are hungry to learn and experiment with new strategies and tactics and they excel at using both qualitative and quantitative data to evaluate success and improve performance.

Qualities of a Successful Candidate:

  • A demonstrated commitment to equity, justice and liberation for all peoples
  • A team player who shines as an individual leader while taking a collaborative approach to working with others to achieve shared objectives
  • A sharp strategic thinking who follows the news media, identifies points of intervention, excels at implementing diverse and creative tactics, and enjoys learning
  • A principled political leader, who seeks to develop points of alignment, while also being comfortable navigating tension and disagreement
  • A strong writer with the ability to identify and connect with diverse audiences, make rigorous and persuasive arguments, translate complex ideas into understandable language, tell emotionally compelling stories, and move people to action
  • A people-person who is familiar with and comfortable applying the basic practices of leadership development and community organizing
  • 3-5 years of experience doing communications work related to organizing, advocacy, or politics
  • A proven track record of working with journalists, editors, and producers to place stories and Op-Eds in traditional media outlets
  • A proven track record of digital organizing and campaign management, including design and execution of multi-stage digital campaigns, CRM and email management, social media management, basic web and design skills, creative use of multimedia, and online advertising and fundraising
  • Experience training and coaching spokespeople, staff and volunteers in speaking to the media and using communications, digital organizing, and narrative strategies in their own work


$60-75,000/year with a competitive benefits package.


The work will be evaluated based upon this job description, the specific goals and objectives established, and the person’s contributions in meeting the overall goals and objectives of the organization.

How to Apply:

Please submit a RESUME and LETTER (1-2 pages) that describes your interest, experience, commitment, and any relevant personal background. We ask that you complete your application on our internal recruiting site here.

Source: Pennsylvania Stands Up Jobs