Location: Remote (Applicants should be in NY, CA, MA, FL, DC, VA, MD — other locations considered on case by case basis) Salary: Competitive with similar Software Engineering Manager Roles What We’re Building + Who We Work With:Hustle enables organizations to run large-scale text messaging campaigns by empowering their team members and volunteers to efficiently have thousands of personal 1-to-1 conversations. Conversations driven by our platform are geared towards driving measurable meaningful outcomes such as voter turnout, event attendance, or dollars raised for clients such as Planned Parenthood, Sierra Club, the DNC, large non-profits, unions, and universities, as well as several presidential candidates. To do that our team works on building systems that scale up 100x in a matter of hours and which are able to send 100 million messages a day. Our clients bursty appetite for Hustle requires that we are able to scale up and down two orders of magnitude quickly and efficiently at the drop of a dime so that they can reach voters, volunteers, benefactors, or attendees at the right time, with the right message, sent by the right person.

Sound interesting. Keep reading.  What you’ll doBe a member of a mission-driven team building a market leading productScope and help the team execute high leverage technical endeavors that improve our platform such as:A platform for managing 10s of thousands of distributed work queues that each have different rates of consumption and routing characteristicsNew product features incorporate additional channels and push the boundaries of existing ones (like voice, sms and video)An excellent public facing APIMission critical integrations and compliance measuresPropose and push for projects that you think are important, either by suggesting new ideas, or suggesting reprioritization of existing ones. Be flexible and adaptive with your process, and able to balance multiple ambitious projects at once.

Know when to cut corners, and when to sweat the details.  We are looking for someone withEngineering experience building modern architectures with JavaScript. A proven track record of shipping high quality software and a strong desire to work on projects that will impact millions of people. Passion for working with teams building highly scalable systems.

Desire to apply modern web application technologies. A demonstrated ability to work constructively and respectfully with people from non-technical backgrounds. Humility and open-mindedness, a combination of strong opinions, clear articulation of thinking, and a willingness to change your mind in the face of new information. Comfort explaining tradeoffs of decisions, and eagerness to hear and understand feedback on your work.

Positive and constructive deliverer of feedback to other projects.  We hope you haveB. A. or B.

S. in computer science or related disciplinesExperience working on and with a geographically distributed remote teamExperience leveraging cloud computing providers like Amazon Web ServicesExperience leveraging MongoDB, Postgres, Redis, KafkaExperience leveraging React and React Native (Modern Mobile + Web Applications)Experience working with and open source projects and softwareFour or more years of experience as software engineer required About The Engineering Team at HustleThe Hustle engineering team is entirely remote.  Come help us build efficient cross-platform mobile + web applications tailored for scale and speed.

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