Food & Water Action is working to create a healthy future for all people and generations to come—a world where everyone has food they can trust, clean drinking water and a livable climate. Making this happen requires involving people in the pressing issues of our time at the local, state, and federal level, building on one win after another, as we develop a larger movement that has the political power to make our democratic process work.


The Allegheny County Organizer will report to the Pennsylvania Organizing Manager and will work with other national organizing staff, regional field staff, and policy/research staff to support FWW’s work with community members and local elected officials in municipalities in Allegheny County to pass and enforce oil and gas zoning ordinances that will protect these communities from fracking. Specific projects will include organizing actions, tracking data, community outreach, building relationships, and volunteer leadership development.. The Organizer will have 5 main responsibilities:


Advance Municipal Outreach Project strategyHelp development campaign strategy for these communities
Develop and carry out tactics that will move forward this strategy, and bottomline the rollout of these tactics
Build grassroots volunteer infrastructureRecruit and support volunteers in effective actions
Maintain campaign data
Develop volunteer roles that will advance our campaign strategy, and build volunteers’ investment in our campaign by plugging them into these roles
Represent Food & Water WatchRepresent Food & Water Watch at public events and with local media
Participate in membership recruitment and fundraising for Food & Water Watch
Build coalition: Maintain close relationships with and engage local coalition allies
Other duties as required


1.         Build a strong base of organizations and individuals in support of our campaigns, with a particular emphasis on the Municipal Ordinance Project and fracking.

2.         Work with a team to develop strategic campaign plans including long- and short-term goals, strategies and tactics.

3.         Work closely with team and partner organization to develop and implement joint strategies.

4.         Participate in coalitions on campaign issues and implement grassroots organizing and public education campaigns.

5.         Speak at public events, forums, and other venues, and serves as a representative of Food & Water Action/Watch to the public and the media.

6.         Assist in building the capacity and leadership of volunteers and allied grassroots organizations by offering training and organizing support.

7.         Maintain familiarity with a diverse set of issues, research products, and FWW’s suite of digital organizing tools, and respond to information and support requests from activists, coalition members, and the media.

8.         Develop educational materials such as factsheets, action alerts, web site content and newsletter articles on various campaign issues. Maintain activist database and email lists to effectively communicate to members and supporters.

9.         Regularly report on work to supervisors and donors.

10.       Participate and/or develop non-partisan electoral strategies and tactics for either/both Food and Water Watch (c3) and Food and Water Action (c4).

11.       Participate in membership recruitment and fundraising for Food & Water Action/Watch.

12.       Support Our Culture of Philanthropy: Demonstrate an understanding of the essential role of our members and supporters, and consistently serve as an ambassador for FWW/FWA and our work. Participate in or attend events and other activities as appropriate that are organized for our supporters and donors. Be cognizant of fundraising opportunities and share contacts and information that will help build and sustain FWW/FWA.

13.       Carry out other projects as assigned.
To perform this job successfully, the person in this position is expected to have a complete understanding of FWW’s Strategic Organizing model and an ability to develop campaign strategy. The Organizer will be expected to work closely with volunteers and allied organizations to ensure campaigns are moving forward to achieve programmatic goals.


The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


Education/Experience: Bachelor’s Degree or combination of relevant education and experience. One year of full-time experience organizing. Clear demonstration of ability to develop effective organizing strategies.


Computer Skills: An individual should be able to work in a computerized environment and have adequate knowledge of word processing, email, internet and spreadsheet software; in particular have coursework or certification in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point and proficiency with all other Microsoft Office products.