The Campaign Coordinator serves as the main spokesperson and administrator for the GAPA coalition. This person’s main goals are to uphold the values of GAPA’s community leaders and to ensure that the coalition works to achieve its desired objectives. As a coordinator, you will work with allied organizations, coalitions, elected representatives, and community leaders who are passionate about implementing the ECPS ordinance.





Responsibilities and duties:

●        GAPA Goal Setting

o    Creating and tracking of long term (and short term) goals for the coalition

●        GAPA Admin work:

o    Keep track of relevant agendas, documents, and materials needed

o    Update the shared drive with all relevant documents and files

o    Track attendance for all meetings related to ECPS and GAPA

o    Track the days and times of the Strike Team, GAPA Staff Meetings, Other meetings with leaders, and meetings with Alders and other stakeholders

●        Substantive work and Meeting Preparation

o    Create agenda and prepare materials needed for staff meetings on Mondays

o    Chair and take notes during staff meetings

o    Create agenda and prepare materials (clearly define the decision that needs to be made etc.) needed for Strike Team meetings on Tuesdays

o    Create content needed for GAPA decision making: i.e one pager with list of possible options the coalition can take

●        External Outreach and Admin:

o    Schedule meetings and track with aldermanic sponsors, partners, and other stakeholders

●        Accountability

o    Ensure that relevant GAPA organizations, organizers, and partners work effectively, collaboratively, and in ways that are aligned with the goals and values of the coalition

●        ECPS Campaign:

o    Serve as the Co-chair for the ECPS Coalition; create agendas and prepare materials needed for weekly ECPS coalition meetings,

o    Coordinate with other organizers and hold organizations at the ECPS table accountable for necessary work

o    Relate GAPA leaders’ decisions to the broader ECPS coalition and ensure that the wishes of our leaders are represented

o    Build relationships with members of the ECPS coalition and bring new organizations into the coalition

●        Outreach

o    Reach out to other community orgs in other geographies

o    Working with Illinois Alignment Table (IAT) and other political (501c4) groups to promote the role of local district councils (DCs)

o    Public education about ECPS. Launch mini trainings and in various police districts that educate residents and voters about the upcoming DC elections



●        Fundraising

o    Help identify local, state and federal level sources of funding

o    Write grants and awards proposals as needed

o    Write quarterly funding reports and maintain records of funds and deadlines

o    Communicate with funders and answer their questions

●        Communications for the GAPA coalition

o    Coordinating and delegating work to ensure that the GAPA coalition has meets its communications and media needs


What to expect:

●        This role is primarily remote but will require occasional in-person participation for meetings, actions, press conferences, or one-on-one conversations. Travel within Chicago is necessary.

●        This is a full-time position with the expectation of at least 40 hours of work per week. The coordinator needs to be flexible and organize their time to fit the needs of the position.

●        This is a temporary position based on funding ability

●        As the main spokesperson for GAPA, the Coordinator needs to be comfortable with having some level of public exposure and public speaking.

Qualifications and necessary experience

●        Has at least 2 years of experience in campaign coordinating, community organizing, or other relevant experience

●        Shares GAPA’s values and is passionate about improving safety and ending unjust policing

●        Able to work effectively in groups

●        Willing to lead meetings, track time, and work collaboratively

●        Has outstanding writing and verbal communication skills

●        Comfortable working with a broad-based coalition of organizations that include community groups, political organizations,

●        Able to work with professional organizing tools (Google Drive, Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, etc.)

●        Manages times effectively and can work on multiple projects simultaneously

●        Tracks their progress and can work independently

How to apply: please send your resume, cover letter, and a list of three employment references to Oswaldo Gomez at ogomez@onenorthside.org. Be sure that all your files are in PDF or Word Doc format.

To apply for this job email your details to ogomez@onenorthside.org

About GAPA (Grassroots for Police Accountability)


About GAPA
The Grassroots Alliance for Police Accountability (GAPA) is a broad-based coalition of six community organizations committed to making our neighborhoods safer, improving police practices and accountability, and transforming the relationship between the Chicago Police Department and the communities it serves.


GAPA groups work in neighborhoods across Chicago, including neighborhoods that are most directly affected by violence and police brutality, misconduct, and harassment. GAPA works to ensure that directly impacted community members – especially those in Black and Brown communities that are most affected by police misconduct – lead our work to implement lasting solutions around public safety.


The six GAPA organizations (Community Renewal Society, Southwest Organizing Project, Jewish Council on Urban Affairs, Inner-City Muslim Action Network, ONE Northside and Target Area) are key members of the Empowering Communities for Public Safety (ECPS) Coalition and alongside the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression (CAARPR), SEIU HCII, and dozens of other partners, they led the campaign to create a community-led civilian oversight board of the Chicago Police. All the members of GAPA, alongside the rest of the ECPS coalition, will work to strengthen and implement the ECPS ordinance as a coalition.