Working as part of a national policy & program team, the Program Manager will act with a high level of independence and self-direction to lead our cohort of school board members by fostering member leadership and engagement, collaboratively establishing a policy agenda, and advancing campaign strategies that bring school board members into collective action with each other. The Program Manager will build durable partnerships with key allies across the education justice movement in order to develop a range of programs and resources needed to support school board members committed to racial and economic justice in an era of intense backlash to those values in many school districts. The Program Manager will need to bring a deep commitment to relational organizing and leadership development, as well as experience navigating the stakeholders and issues in public education organizing.

About Local Progress and Local Progress Impact Lab

Local Progress and the Local Progress Impact Lab work collectively to advance a racial and economic justice agenda through all levels of government. Local Progress (LP) is a movement of more than 1,400 local elected officials advancing a racial and economic justice agenda through all levels of local government. The Local Progress Impact Lab (the Impact Lab) brings together local leaders, partners, and experts to build the knowledge, skills, and leadership needed to advance racial and economic justice at the local level.