Movement Labs seeks a high-velocity operator and manager to join as the #2 to our CEO. Your work will help generate 100,000 net votes in the top 7 battleground states against Donald Trump and recruit thousands of candidates for 100,000 elections that go uncontested by Democrats every year. Together, we’ll create a sustainable hub for movement innovation that affordably and provably scales people power. $1,000 finders fee if you refer the person we hire!

Who are you?

You’ve been obsessed with impact throughout your career – right now it’s obvious to you that stopping Donald Trump is the biggest impact you can have. You’re sharp at assessing situations – strategy, projects, people, technology, or data – and ensuring the right processes are in place to quickly set things up for growth. You are comfortable overseeing HR and finance functions, have comfort with financial modeling, and can meaningfully contribute to business strategy, including analyzing costs. You get a perverse kick from enforcing norms and process and keeping people accountable to what’s been agreed to. You love being scrappy as fuck and are able to coach team-members to do it quicker, cheaper and more effectively.


Leadership & Management (50%):

  • Acting as chief problem-solver to the CEO and VP team
  • Working with the CEO to vet possible growth areas, and drive some forward
  • Supporting team-wide & leadership meeting and strategic planning
  • Managing staff/consultants including a director of human resources, bookkeeper & accountant, a fellowship manager and potentially others
  • Reinforcing a coherent organizational culture, effective team management and project planning

Finance (25%):

  • With support staff be a strategic leader guiding bookkeeping, cost and revenue projections, department budgeting, and margin management of our core business
  • Supporting the fundraising team in increasing velocity and systematization of fundraising

People Operations (25%):

  • Oversee the recruitment, hiring and onboarding systems including a sizeable fellowship of students or career-transitioners
  • Implement DEI, skills, and other culture trainings
  • Oversee staff conflict, mediation, performance improvement processes
  • Work to identify new roles and help facilitate horizontal movement
  • Oversee benefits, reimbursements, other staff policies, and answer questions from staff
  • CRM implementation and usage, in coordination with CTO
    Support effective remote work and collaboration by guiding the organization’s digital workplace


  • Obsession with pace and aligned with our values (HEART)
  • Fascism-stomping (political) experience
  • Leadership experience in a growing tech or consulting firm in the political, civic or social sectors, including managing managers
  • Experience with financial and HR management
  • Quantitative mindset

Nice to haves:

  • Experience working in strategy consulting, marketing or SMS
  • Experience with management training or coaching
  • Experience working closely with technologists
  • Experience with political or 501(c)(4) fundraising
  • Bay area modestly preferred


Annual salary of $150,000 – 180,000 (this is the top of Movement Labs’ salary range).

Movement Labs employees receive excellent health, dental, and vision benefits, 401k, work-from-home stipends, and unlimited Paid Time Off. This position does not qualify as a bargaining unit position.