Our Power is a powerful grassroots coalition working to create a more just, accountable, and clean energy economy for everyday Maine people. Our Power’s largest and most transformative project to date has been a ballot question to replace Maine’s for-profit electricity monopolies, Central Maine Power and Versant Power, with a nonprofit, consumer-owned, climate-driven power company.

Our Power has raised more than $1,000,000, has collected 80,000 signatures from Maine voters across the state to qualify bold energy policy for the 2023 statewide ballot, and has built bipartisan support for transforming the way Maine’s energy system works.

The Communications Director will manage and coordinate the organization’s voice and viewpoints throughout the ballot question campaign to overhaul Maine’s energy system and deliver benefits on cost, community, and climate. The Communications Director will work closely with Our Power’s Campaign Manager to develop and execute a coordinated plan to inform Maine people and statewide media and will draft and/or review and finalize all press material and other outward facing communications (social media, email blasts, etc.) to ensure consistent voice and tone for the campaign.

This position continues through November 30, 2023 with the possibility of extension depending on election outcomes.

Duties could include, but may not be limited to:

Developing and implementing a media and communications strategy for the ballot question campaign
Drafting press releases, media advisories, and editorial content on behalf of the campaign
Oversight of website content
Coordinating with OP Team to ensure regular posting of social media content across platforms
Coordinating volunteers interested in engaging in amplifying communications efforts


At least one cycle of experience in political campaigns, experience or familiarity with ballot question campaigns a plus;
Highly creative and collaborative communicator, who is willing to think outside the box about how to communicate complex policy topics to a broad audience;
Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
Ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects and a willingness to hold self and others accountable to goals;
Aesthetically-driven and able to create beautiful and engaging communications content;
A nuanced understanding of social media, and an ability to leverage that understanding to build power online across platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok);
Team player with a positive attitude that is able to motivate others;
Ability to maintain a flexible schedule, including occasional evening and weekend work, and ability to travel statewide;
Strong ties to Maine and a nuanced understanding of Maine’s political landscape.

About Our Power

Our economy and way of life depend on the electric power grid—and this vital infrastructure is also the key to addressing climate change. But the investor-owned utilities running our grid today pursue profit at the expense of Maine people and the planet.

The result: We pay more for less.

The solution: The Pine Tree Power Company, a local consumer-owned utility that delivers lower cost, cleaner, more reliable power.

Together we can take control of our energy future. Please join us!