Phone Bank Coordination (60%)

Lead volunteer phone bank program including:

  • Prepare materials and logistics
  • Train and support phone bank captains
  • Adjust program based on feedback from volunteers and partners
  • Communicate with partner organizations about phone bank needs and updates
  • Update materials and plan based on emerging election needs in different states
  • Recruit volunteer phone bankers and phone bank captains

Volunteer Organizing (30%)

  • Recruit and engage volunteers to work on Seed the Vote campaigns
  • Plan and manage logistics related to in-person and virtual activities and events
  • Delegate appropriate tasks to volunteer leaders and/or captains.
  • Provide support, guidance and feedback to volunteers and volunteer leaders
  • Prepare materials to support voter outreach work
  • Ensure the organization’s purpose is conveyed to the public.

Additional responsibilities and shared responsibilities (10%)

  • Support other campaigns, programs and organization-wide activities as needed

About Seed the Vote

Everyday People PAC is a grassroots, social justice political fund mobilizing volunteers to defeat Trumpism by supporting the electoral work of grassroots organizations in swing states building long term power of working class communities and communities of color.

Seed the Vote is a project of Everyday People PAC.