The Deputy Director of Movement-Building will lead the organization’s national
campaigns. The Deputy Director will facilitate a national coalition, building structures that center people
directly affected by the systems, and leading state-based and regional campaigns to decarcerate and stop
deportations. The Deputy Director will also work with organizers on several county-based campaigns to
build coalitions at the county and state level that focus on criminal justice and immigration, and ensure
that independent expenditures win elections and result in long-term infrastructure. The Deputy Director
will have deep networks within organizing and/or progressive politics, a commitment to racial justice and
a willingness to challenge powerful institutions.

More information here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Dp7fqMTKAFi96Vu6r0VGq65vDXWPo2-b/view

About Sheriffs for Trusting Communities

Sheriffs for Trusting Communities works with our partners to build an alternative vision for justice,
ending mass incarceration, stopping deportations and building political power. Sheriffs for Trusting
Communities is part of a national coalition, which includes Working Families and Faith in Action Fund,
and works in partnership with national and local organizers to:
● Educate on the role of sheriffs in the racist criminal justice system and help organizers to build a
different vision of the system
● Elect sheriffs who fit that vision, while working with base-building organizers to build power
● Ensure those sheriffs successfully stop deportations, end mass incarceration and stop police