Summary of Position:
SURJ’s Campaign Data Manager provides technical consultation and support to SURJ’s 2022
electoral work, with primary responsibility for managing data inputs, analytics, and reporting of
impact. This new position will work closely with the rest of the electoral team, the Data &
Systems Manager, and other SURJ staff, to move data efficiently and accurately to support all of
our electoral organizing.

This is a position that requires a sharp understanding of SURJ’s strategy, a power building-
based approach to data, an understanding of the ins-and-outs of organizing, and the ability to

translate numbers into stories. An ideal candidate has alignment with and the ability to articulate
SURJ’s theory of change and mission. The Campaign Data Manager acts as a point of contact
for a variety of external partners.

This position can be based anywhere in the US and will include occasional travel to staff-wide
meetings as permitted by pandemic restrictions.
Data Systems administration
● Manage the flow of all of SURJ’s electoral data, from CRM’s and databases to voter
contact tools, and back
● Understand the flow of all the non-electoral data SURJ gathers (fundraising, community
organizing, and digital organizing)
● Manage EveryAction roles, profiles, sharing rules, workflows, and groups for electoral
● Administer multiple Voter Action Network (VAN) committees for staff and volunteers. This
includes managing user and security settings, training users, approving exports, and
providing technical assistance and troubleshooting.
● Develop and manage standards of operation for handling and archiving data
● Develop new workflows, databases, dashboards, and notifications
● Move data in and out of VAN and EveryAction via bulk upload and export and API
● Ensure the integrity of support ID’s by regularly auditing the full stack of systems we use
for electoral work
● Identify data tasks that could be performed by volunteers. Assemble, train, and support
volunteer teams to perform those tasks
Staff Training and Support
● Support users in data entry, import and export, and manipulating and analyzing data
● Meet regularly with members of the electoral team to assess data needs and strategize
around data questions including but not limited to report generation, presentation, and
● Act as a strategic partner around data for campaign planning and field organizing in
collaboration with Data & Systems Manager
● Design dynamic training and presentations for staff and volunteers about how to use our
technical systems
● Document processes and procedures for training purposes and develop training
● Collaborate with Security Team to develop and monitor policies and systems to ensure
quality and security of all database information and data
● Provide EveryAction support and training to SURJ chapter leaders in the areas that
correspond with our electoral organizing
External partners

● Function as part of a national and local network of data professionals to help maintain
shared data infrastructures
● Act as a point of contact with a range of external partners, including:
○ The vendors who provide our technical systems
○ America Votes and State Voices tables
○ For our coordinated work, the candidates’ campaigns
● Participate in The Movement Cooperative
○ Along with the Data & Systems Manager, meet biweekly with our TMC Data and
Technology Strategist
○ Understand TMC’s tool and research offerings, make recommendations about
how SURJ takes advantage of them, and implement the tools we decide to sign
up to use
○ Act as a liaison between SURJ campaign staff and TMC
● As needed, support other staff in relating to external partners (like America Votes and
State Voices tables) on data-related topics
● A minimum of one cycle of work in electoral data, or 2 years of campaign work in
electoral, labor, or community-based organizations
● Commitment to anti-racism and building working class power
● Enthusiastic to learn about disability justice
● SURJ requires all employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, subject to
reasonable accommodation under federal, state, and local law. Accommodations may be
not possible for positions that require in-person contact with other staff or members of
the public.
● Familiarity with tools like VAN, EveryAction, ThruTalk, Reach, and Spoke, preferably as
an administrator (you do not need to know every tool that is listed). Proficiency using
Google Workspace.
● Advanced knowledge of spreadsheet functions like index match, pivot tables, etc.
● Knowledge of languages like Python and SQL and/or visualization tools like Periscope or
Google Data Studios is preferred but not required.
● Experience with online canvass management, mobilization tools like predictive dialers,
texting tools, relational tools, and CRMs.
● Capacity to think creatively about solving problems and supporting others to do the same
● Experience building the plane while flying it, which in the case of this position will
require significant systematization of existing datasets, reporting systems, and
● Experience in collaborative processes and getting feedback on new ideas and systems

● Ability to develop and lead trainings on data systems and tools
● Ability to train people with diverse opinions, interests, and skill levels, including
communicating technical information to non-technical audiences as well as nonpartisan
civic engagement best practices to partners
● Self-directed and comfortable working with a remote team, often independently.
Experience of working virtually is a plus
● A strong attention to detail

About showing up for racial justice

Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) organizes majority-white communities across the
country to work for racial and economic justice. Our work encompasses: supporting a network of
200 chapters across the US and Canada; growing and mobilizing a national membership body
for individual members; running place-based organizing projects in Tennessee, Ohio, Kentucky,
and Georgia; running electoral work for local, state, and national races in strategic locations;
and working alongside POC-led partner organizations in the broader social justice movement

We ground our organizing in a framework of mutual interest and have an inclusive,
open-hearted approach to organizing — calling people into this work rather than creating
barriers to participation — while maintaining a clear political line. We believe that together — as
part of a powerful multi-racial, cross-class movement for collective liberation — we can force the
systems of white supremacy and racialized capitalism to crumble.