United Today, Stronger Tomorrow – CO AFL-CIO/CO WFP

Communities Respond to COVID

Colorado Campaign Organizer  

Overview of Position and Project: United Today, Stronger Tomorrow Colorado, a project co-led by the CO Working Families Party and the CO AFL-CIO, in partnership with United Today, Stronger Tomorrow – Communities Respond to COVID, is seeking to hire a full time campaign organizer for five months to test the potential to build and run a new organizing project to address COVID-related issues impacting Coloradans. The project’s goals are to: 1) identify the top COVID-related issues impacting communities, workers, and people in the state, 2) lead a process to build a base of impacted people, and 3) initiate a campaign development process that leads to a winnable campaign.

Job Responsibilities: The CO Campaign Organizer will build and manage a member-run organizing committee(s) and work with it to conduct an issue identification and campaign development process with the goal of building a campaign to address COVID-related issues impacting Coloradans. In addition to base building, the organizer will develop and train organizing committee members, build out a campaign plan, and manage the campaign in collaboration with the project partners. The issues, demands, targets, and strategies will be developed by the organizing committee.

The CO Campaign Organizer will:

Organize and staff on-ramps for people such as community meetings, legal rights clinics, popular/political education workshops, and house meetings.
Conduct quick, one-on-one follow-up with pledge signers via text, phone, email, and other appropriate tools, to build the organizing committee.
Identify organizations and institutions that engage with large numbers of people impacted by COVID – such as food pantries, emergency services,  job training programs, faith institutions, and legal service organizations –  to recruit people into the organizing committee.
Identify other stakeholders impacted by COVID.
Moderate Facebook groups and other social channels specific to this project.
Identify leaders through one-on-ones with organizing committee members.
Identify leadership roles and support leaders doing community organizing work, such as training, check-ins, and management.
Organize and work with leaders to lead and/or facilitate meetings.
Convene issue committees to be co-facilitated with organizing committee member leaders.
Lead a campaign development process in collaboration with CO WFP, CO-AFL-CIO, and UTST.

Qualifications: The ideal candidate is someone who has strong experience in base-building and leadership development, especially with diverse communities, and has experience on an issue, policy, corporate, union, or administrative campaign. The candidate should have:

2-3 years experience base-building and building community leaders.
Experience working on a campaign – preferably an issue, policy, corporate, union, or administrative campaign.
Experience managing projects, programs, or an organizing committee.
Experience working in coalitions and/or working with a set of organizations and partners.
An ability to build and manage relationships with a wide array of stakeholders.
Experience building diverse teams and staffing workgroups and/or committees.
A track record of recruiting, developing, and managing leaders and volunteers.
An ability to implement digital organizing tools, tactics, and strategies.

Technical skills include working knowledge of ActionNetwork, EveryAction, or similar CRMs, and some Facebook advertising experience.

Women, people of color, native/indigenous people, and LGBTQ+ people are strongly encouraged to apply. Strong preference for Spanish speaking proficiency.

Compensation: The salary range for this position is $3,000 – $3,500 a month. This position will be housed at the CO WFP with support from national UTST staff. This is a temporary position and is not bargaining unit eligible.

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to jobs@unitedtoday.org that includes why you are interested in this position and how your experience can help build the project. United Today, Stronger Tomorrow is a national pilot project that identifies constituencies and institutions impacted by COVID and tests innovative organizing efforts to connect them to both short-term work developing and implementing equitable COVID response policies and longer-term advocacy work that will create a more democratic, equitable, racially just, healthy, and environmentally sustainable post-COVID world. We are currently developing projects in NY, IN, CO, and a regional project in the upper Midwest.

To apply for this job email your details to jobs@unitedtoday.org