Way to Win is a homebase for progressive donors and organizers seeking a strategic approach to funding that advances transformative policy, wins elections, and builds lasting power in the states. Way to Win was founded on the commitment to disrupt politics as usual, invest year-round, move money quickly, and work with a squad of funders to ensure that our movement partners have what they need.

The Chief of Donor Advising (CDA), which reports to the President, owns the selling and marketing of Way to Win’s political strategy, and Way to Win as an institution, to donors. The CDA will be the institution’s chief ambassador, imbuing staff and lay leadership with inspiration and training to help create a culture of philanthropy.

The ideal candidate has worked in organizations with c3, c4, and PAC vehicles. This person understands policy, party messaging, and grassroots organizing.

This is a full-time, remote position with core teammates in Sacramento, CA, Massachusetts, and Houston, TX. Salary range is $240,000 – $300,000 + benefits.

Reach out to jobs@nrgconsultinggroup.org with any questions.