We are a global human rights organization, a collective of passionate human rights activists with (mostly remote) team members all over the world. WITNESS’ mission is to help people use video and technology to protect and defend human rights. We are a 40-person multi-disciplinary team with staff based across 5 continents. While we’re legally a non-profit that is registered as a 501(c)3 in the U.S, we are a global collective: our  staff members (as well as consultants, interns, fellows and a vast community of partners and collaborators) are based around the world and reflect a group of activists with diverse skills and backgrounds.


WITNESS pairs grassroots community support with advocacy at a systems level. Our team works holistically on a global scale to understand how communities are using and want to use video and technology for human rights.  With a cellphone camera, anyone can become a human rights defender and expose injustice, making it harder for perpetrators to hide or for systems of oppression to remain invisible.  But using video for community organizing, justice and accountability can be dangerous – videos can put defenders (or those they film) at risk, can be used against communities in court or deceitfully discredited by tired old power narratives.  Filming is almost never enough – for videos to make a difference they need to work alongside strong advocacy or legal strategies; they also need to be created, preserved and shared in ways that avoid creating more harm or trauma.
New threats to human rights are emerging at the intersection of artificial intelligence, misinformation and disinformation and a global wave of rising authoritarianism.

When it comes to systemic challenges we are on the watch for both existing problems – like how large amounts of critical human rights footage are lost because of the arbitrary decisions of platforms – but also emerging threats and opportunities, such as those posed by ‘deepfakes’, new ways to manipulate media to make it look like someone said or did something they never did.

WITNESS 2021 Year in Review



The Global Digital Engagement Team is composed of global team members who work across regions and regional programmatic communications coordinators based in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and North America. The team is tasked with planning, adapting and distributing WITNESS resources and programmatic content across platforms, reaching 1+million people each year online so that safer and more effective use of video and technology can lead to stronger human rights change.  The Global Digital Engagement Team creates campaigns to connect and amplify WITNESS’ ecosystems of partners and allies around the world in order to strengthen resistance, solidarity and learning globally. The team meets regularly to learn from each other and support the strategic sharing of WITNESS’ vision and work online.


Each year, WITNESS reaches 1+million people with resources, critical guidance and strategies that will help human rights defenders, including ordinary citizens, unleash the force of video and technology for human rights change. Our goal is to continue to grow our reach and impact as more and more people turn to the cell phones in their pockets to document and advocate for human rights change.


The Global Digital Engagement Coordinator is responsible for supporting the Global Digital Engagement Manager, and is the key team player in helping ensure the smooth functioning of the Global Digital Engagement team. They will provide crucial support for resource engagement functions and processes including, but not limited to: coordination of global social media engagement, metrics gathering and analysis including the management of Sprout, support to WITNESS’ regional and thematic teams, maintenance of WITNESS’ library of resources, coordination of translation work, as well as editorial support for blog and websites.


The Global Digital Engagement Coordinator will spend the bulk of their time coordinating the dissemination of online multimedia content by supporting the Global Digital Engagement team in the creation, distribution and strategic use of WITNESS’ resource materials. They will also support wider institutional initiatives to increase reach, spread awareness, raise visibility, including through external relations campaigns.  They will report to and work closely with WITNESS’ Global Digital Engagement Manager.


Global Digital Engagement Support – 90%

Consult with and support the Global Digital Engagement Manager in,

Coordinating the strategy and execution of content on WITNESS’ global social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube in keeping with the digital engagement strategy. This includes: drafting engaging social copy for campaigns and daily postings, creating share packages for partners, posting campaign materials, executing ad campaigns, media monitoring, audience tracking and community building in keeping with regional/global online engagement strategy;
Coordinating the implementation of Global Digital Engagement resource and solidarity campaigns across WITNESS’ digital platforms. This includes: contributing to editorial planning, sharing campaign materials, and providing support to regional teams by helping amplify their local campaigns and work partnerships strategically;
Coordinating and updating the annual distributions calendar, and operationalizing it across teams;
Coordinating and updating website back-end infrastructure for knowledge exchange and resource version control. This includes: maintaining the online WITNESS library by uploading multilingual resources, and supporting regional hubs on uploading content to other programmatic sites like regional microsites and blogs, etc;
Coordinating the collection of all monthly metrics on a timely basis, and contributing to the analysis and reflection of those indicators. This includes: developing and maintaining the Global Digital Engagement metrics spreadsheets and administering the usage of Sprout across teams;
Coordinating responses to queries via engage@witness.org. This includes: monitoring and engaging with direct messages, comments and queries across web and social media platforms, and keeping track of historical direct communications;
Coordinating translations of WITNESS materials. This includes: maintaining the database of translators as well as administering the usage of Upwork across teams.
Operationalizing the Global Digital Engagement Handbook. This includes: maintaining standards and guidelines for workflows and processes within the Global Digital Engagement team and their adherence across teams;
Maintaining and improving existing key architectures for the Learning & Sharing Program across regions. This includes: Global Contacts Database, Global Editorial (Evergreen) Calendar, Resources Catalog & Tracker, amongst others;
Providing assistance for uploading content to WITNESS’ programmatic websites.This includes: blog, microsites, WITNESS Media Lab site, as well as new pages, and maintaining staff bios and pictures on the website as needed;
Providing assistance in realizing cohesive visual identity and messaging across all digital platforms, by also supporting the work of the Global Digital Engagement Multimedia Design Coordinator;
Providing assistance in executing of campaigns driven by the External Relations team via Mailchimp;
Providing assistance in publishing job postings on social media platforms as notified by the Human Resources team;
Providing assistance with other internal comms-related needs, like reviewing and finalizing meeting notes created by automated tools such as Zoom and Trint to ensure accuracy before filing onto organizational spaces in a timely manner;
Contributing to other organization-wide requests for input from the program team.

Program + Institutional Administrative Support – 10%

Consult with and support the Global Programs Director in,

Preparing weekly program meeting agenda;
Collecting and compiling programmatic narrative reports, including bi-monthly updates as well as 6-month reflections;
Reviewing and finalizing meeting notes created by automated tools such as Zoom and Trint to ensure accuracy before filing onto organizational spaces in a timely manner;
Assist with updating staff UN pass information and compiling annual/quadrennial reports for United Nations accreditations through the DPI and ECOSOC offices.

Global Digital Engagement Manager (supervisor);
WITNESS’ regional teams in Asia, Africa, Latin America & the Caribbean, Brazil, Middle East & North Africa, and USA;
WITNESS’ thematic teams (Video as Evidence, Archiving & Technology, Threats and Opportunities) and Learning & Sharing Associate Director;
Volunteer and contracted translators;
Global Programs Director.

Work Experience:  We are looking for at least 6 years of relevant work experience, including a proven track record of creativity and use of new media for activism internationally and in online spaces. Cross-cultural lived, activist and/or professional experiences are a huge plus.

Education: You can tell us about your degrees, but we’re more interested in what your passions are and what you can do. If your degrees are part of that story, great!  (But no formal education required).


Well-honed creative skills, inventive thinking, and discerning eye that help propel powerful, political and video-first stand-out campaigns that spark change amidst the general social media cacophony;
Strong communication skills that convey clarity and active listening in the sharing/exchange of ideas and responses within cross-team interactions;
Brilliant copy-writing skills that are adaptable, and demonstrates a solid understanding of unique sets of audiences on diverse platforms;
Excellent community engagement skills that zooms in on trends, reactions, surges which unearth insights that help optimize digital content and build/keep relationships;
Ability to read data and derive meaningful conclusions that help improve and optimize social media strategy, and leverage time, effort, budget invested in the different platforms;
Exceptional administrative, organizational and logistical skills, including an ability to manage multiple priorities and keep track of various aspects of a project;
Good web publishing skills, knowledge of basic HTML and CSS, sufficient understanding of UX and front-end design;
Digital archiving skills, digital security and privacy know-how, knowledge and use of Creative Commons licensing;
Experience with non-profit design strategy including photography and/or filming skills;
Demonstrated flexibility and ability to effectively work as a part of a team, and open to giving and receiving constructive feedback;
Advanced proficiency w/Google worksuite as Gdocs, sheets and forms are heavily used across WITNESS;
Possess a few design tricks under your sleeve;
Care and attention to detail;

Human Rights: Background/passion for human rights; committed to social justice and WITNESS’ values/mission. Knowledge of Global South activisms and movement-building are a plus.

Languages: We are a global team who use English as our shared language, as such this role requires a high proficiency of written and spoken English. Additional languages are a plus.

Platforms: Speaks Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WordPress, YouTube and GIFs natively.


Characteristics: Team-player. Accountable. Teachable. High attention to detail. Understands project-based workflows and communicates effectively when juggling multiple priorities.

Location:  We are a globally distributed, remote workforce; this is a full-time position, the location is flexible provided some overlap of working hours with the rest of the team can be ensured. At this time, our team members are working through hybrid office arrangements, combining remote at-home work with intermittent use of offices and/or co-working spaces.

Typically, we can only consider applicants who are already legally able to work in the country in which the role is based. Visa sponsorship or relocation allowance are rare, and offered only for specialized positions. The successful candidate must have the legal right-to-work in the location in which they will be based.

Compensation:  WITNESS operates a salary localization policy using a combination of regularly reviewed FX and salary adjustment multipliers for location.

Based on current rates, gross salaries for some of our current locations are given as an example:

New York City -USD 58,643
Brazil – BRL 204,200 (Including the 13th month)
Malaysia- MYR 203,000


Health: WITNESS also offers competitive and robust medical benefits that cover an individual’s medical, dental and vision at 100% and covers a % of the individual’s dependents.

Life Insurance & AD & D: WITNESS provides life insurance and AD&D payable at one time (1x)  the employee’s salary, to the beneficiary, in the event an employee were to expire while employed by the organization.

Remote Work Stipend: WITNESS recognizes that flexible working arrangements are key to equity and inclusion in the workplace and we provide a $175 USD monthly remote work allowance, we are happy to talk about the type of flexible arrangements that might work best for you. This remote work stipend is provided to all staff members to pay for extra equipment, electricity, stationery, internet, wellness,  or whatever an employee deems necessary in order to work remotely. Please note that a computer and basic accessories are provided to all employees at the time of hire.

Pension Contributions: After 1 year of service at the organization, WITNESS will contribute 3% of an individual’s gross salary towards a global retirement fund.

Paid Time Off: WITNESS has a range of paid time off types that support our staff.

Vacation leave: that meets local statutory levels or 15 days whichever is higher, in addition to staff’s local public holidays.
The vacation allowance increases by 5 days to 20 days after 3 years of service.
Personal / Wellness leave: 5 days staff can use at any time to recharge in recognition of the importance of supporting positive mental well being.
End of Year closure: which usually is equivalent to a minimum of 5 days leave in addition to any public holidays across the last week of December and early January.
Sick Leave: follows local statutory guidance however;
WITNESS ensures a minimum of 10 days paid time off for occasional sickness and health related absences.
A minimum of 6 weeks of full pay in instances of longer term absence.
Sabbatical Leave: At the 10 year mark we offer staff 10 weeks of paid time off in order to take a break, gain new insights and expand their horizons.

Work/ Life Balance :WITNESS believes in creating a healthy work environment in which  flexible schedules are available, we also understand that sometimes an employee may just require a few hours to take care of personal issues in which case they can adjust their hours to make up for the time instead of taking a full day of leave. Both are allowable once agreed upon with the departmental supervisors.

Mental Health Policy: WITNESS feels that all employees should feel supported both physically as well as mentally while they are at work and realizes that many times the issues that we deal with, the materials that we watch and the events surrounding some of the work that we do, can lead to feeling “unwell” and not in a “good space”.
Should a situation arise in which an Employee requests support on mental health, WITNESS will award  (10) days of “WITNESS” paid leave.

Professional Development: In support of the growth and development of our staff, WITNESS regularly seeks opportunities for professional development, exposure to new skills and supports a culture of learning.
As part of this we offer staff Reading Days (1 day per month) where staff can take a day to read, study and connect more deeply with peers, partners and colleagues to further functional knowledge relevant to their role or deepen their general understanding and ability to support human rights work.


If you are interested in joining the WITNESS team, please apply through BambooHR. You will need to attach your resume, cover letter, and contact information for 3 references.

We are interested in hearing about what you’ve done, what you can do, and what you want to do at WITNESS.

Please include a cover letter. We are interested in hearing about what you’ve done, what you can do, and what you want to do at WITNESS.


APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Applications accepted on a rolling basis until the position is filled; early applications encouraged. Please note that due to the volume anticipated, we will not be able to respond individually to each applicant.  We kindly ask that you do not send duplicate applications via mail or email, and no phone calls.

WITNESS is a global human rights organization and aims to build an inclusive workforce that is reflective of the communities we work with. We are interested in building a talented team that brings their true selves with diverse backgrounds, cultures and perspectives. We are interested in receiving applications from those who are marginalized and underrepresented.

WITNESS is an equal opportunity employer. People of all ages, races, ethnicities, national origins, religions, genders, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, and individuals protected by any other statuses under international federal, state or local laws, including but not limited to, disability, marital, domestic partnership, familial, caregiver, transgender, military or veteran statuses, are encouraged to apply.







To apply for this job email your details to linda@witness.org